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Our Facial Steamer - Professional Smart Nano Ionic Steamer made to deliver an experience of a luxurious and professional facial treatment using warm steam smart technology at home.

Why choose our Facial Steamer - Professional Smart Nano Ionic Steamer

It helps open up pores and loosen any buildup dirt especially dark heads make them very easy to remove, not only these but also can allow remove of dead skin cells, tissue and trapped sebum where acne causing bacteria grow. These benefits allow your skin to better absorb skin care products.

More hydration more natural oil produced more moisturizing the face.

Enhance facial circulation by dilating facial vessels carrying more blood with nutrition and oxygen.

What’s really special is the handle, you’ll be able to move the device around so easily while in use. 

What is smart nano ionic steaming

A new technology that combines ultrasonic vaporizer with a heating element to produce a negatively charged nano steam. The combination with ionic water is up to 10 x more effective in penetrating skin.


How to use Professional Smart Nano Ionic Steamer


  • For the first time use, please allow run full tank of water with adding lemonade few drops to washout plastic smell.
  • Its recommended to keep your eyes closed to avoid irritation.
  • Keep your face 8 inches away to avoid burn.
  • Remove all makeup and make sure the skin is clean before use. 
  • Use distilled water. Tape water have heavy metals that can affect the steam itself. 
  • We recommended 5 to 8 minutes per session, once or twice a week.

A great gift idea for your beloved one.

Not sold in local stores. 


Material: Environmentally friendly ABS material
Rated voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50hz
Input power: 280W
Water tank capacity: 55ml
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